Loans 4 Business

Loans4Biz is designed to make the lending process quicker and more efficient. This program helps buyers obtain third party lending and also keeps buyers from hearing anything but “yes” from lenders who want to do their lending.

Certified Equipment Appraisals

Whether you’re buying, selling, or liquidating assets, CBI can deliver certified machinery & equipment appraisals. It’s too risky to rely on a single measure of an equipment’s worth; there’s too much at stake. Estimating the value of your machinery and equipment requires specialized skills from professionals with trusted expertise and certification. Our licensed appraisers will uncover fair market, liquidation, salvage value or replacement costs.

Beauty Asian woman Drawing lifeline with heart concept graph on the whiteboard

Business Lifeline Program

CBI offers its "Lifeline" program to operationally sound businesses overwhelmed by debt payments and struggling to keep their business alive as a result of the current Pandemic. CBI's program provides a path to help employers stay afloat, keep jobs in the community and ultimately create a chance to keep the company. CBI's Lifeline provides expert planning, smart protections and a path for growth to restore the business and survive beyond the current crisis.

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