CBI Advisory Partners is a full-service, boutique lower Mid-Market Mergers and Acquisition consulting firm specializing in the sale of businesses with value in excess of $5 million.
CBI Advisory Partners is part of the Confidential Business Intermediaries family of companies founded in 1994 and has completed over 800 business sale transactions utilizing a process modeled on the world famous Mayo Clinic medical practice and designed to assist the business owner in making the best decision for the future. 
CBI Advisory Partners has planned and executed the sale of companies in diverse spaces such as technology, professional practices, manufacturing, distribution and retail, including transactions with a sale price in excess of $30 Million. 
CBI Advisory Partners understands that in every successful business are individuals or a family in need of trusted, professional representation to assist in planning the sale of the family jewel. 
CBI Advisory Partners takes that role very seriously.
The Lower Mid-Market Mergers & Acquisition Space

The lower mid-market M&A space is under represented as larger investment banks seek much higher fees on transactions of $50 million or more. 

Main Street Business Brokers generally don’t have the expertise, tools or market contacts to guide the preparation and sale of a lower mid-market M&A business. 

CBI Advisory Partners has filled this unique space

You are not ready to sell?

CBI Advisory Partners is part of the Certified Value Builders Program which will help you assess your business from the inside-out and design a plan to grow the business to improve value and prepare for exit.

Are you looking for growth as a part of your end-game?

CBI has the exclusive and highly effective Target Acquisition Program (TAP) to identify companies that add strategic and operational value to your existing business to increase the ultimate sales price.

You are ready to sell?

If now is the time to sell, CBI Advisory Partners will help determine the market value of your business, lay out a marketing plan, prepare a CBM (Confidential Business Memorandum) to feature your company's best attributes and then screen, educate and guide buyers and you to the closing table.

The journey begins with a phone call to 877-582-5200 or email to confidential@cbiteam.com

And remember, CBI understands confidentiality and practices it on each deal.

Steps to Success

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