Certified Business Valuations Discover Business Value

Often, when you’re ready to sell the business or trying to get financing from a bank or an outside investor, an independent business valuation may be required.  Or, if the business is distressed, pursing bankruptcy or probate proceedings, those businesses, too, will also require business valuations.  CBI’s team of experts and in-network providers can provide clients with certified business valuation and will share what the report means to you and your business. 

Data Gathering

Thorough research report that spans industry outlook, local market indicators, earning history & projections, macroeconomic influences, balance sheet & Cash flow summaries and more.

In-Depth Analysis

CBI brings expertise together the data and combine with its years of experience accurately provide an independent determination of what the assets are worth and how much earning power the business will have as a going concern.

Report Interpretation

Report findings, recommendation & implications.

How we operate:

The most critical component of the decision to sell your company, operating division, or business unit is How much is it worth utilizing a thorough understanding of the fundamental financial and operational metrics which will be used to establish an independent expectation of value of the assets to be transferred via an asset sale or stock transaction. Establishing this expectation of a value should not be left the general rule-of-thumb multiple calculations used by CBI Advisory Partner’s competitors based on industry averages. There are simply too many variables that need to be examined by a licensed valuation professional for each type of business transferred, including key intellectual property rights, enabling technologies, barriers to competitive entry, longevity and quality of key customer accounts, and many others, just to name a few.

CBI Advisory Partners assists the firm’s clients with selecting the most appropriate and licensed professionals for an independent third party valuation appropriate to each contemplated transaction.

CBI Advisory Partners has thoroughly evaluated the landscape of valuation professionals across multiple industries and recommends the most credible and reliable professionals uniquely qualified to render a rock-solid, defensible valuation that will stand up to scrutiny by professional service providers such as an attorney, CPA, and professional financial planners alike.

We discuss the results of the valuation only with our client and the results are maintained on a totally confidential basis, unless or until, our client approves the use of the valuation as an important tool to be used in the negotiations with a buyer.