CBI has a global marketplace and can develop a targeted search for your “ideal” business in the location of your choosing.  CBI will engage with all businesses who indicate an interest in selling and then begin in-depth reviews to ensure the opportunity best aligns with your goals.  Analysis will be used to discover the seller’s preferred price.  

Smart Search

TAP allows you to continue running your business and not waste time in the search and process of identifying businesses to buy.

Innovative Approach

We help you find the perfect business that's a fit for you and your budget by understanding you, your skills, experiences, passions and budget.

Turn-Key Support

Our team serves as your lead in discovery, due diligence, developing offers and managing every step of the process toward closing.

The TAP Advantage

Target Acquisition Program

Choose TAP!

Tap is an industry-leading service based on the CBI Team’s 20+ years of experience that helps individuals secure their dream of business ownership.  Give us a chance to help you, too!

TAP directs your acquisition strategy for maximum success when time is of the essence.

An experienced CBI Advisory Partners Account Manager will ensure that all qualified investors’ acquisition criteria are clearly articulated to our management team ensuring that the candidate firms are worthy of their investment of management talent and energies for possible acquisition. CBI Advisory Partners Account Managers will ensure the anonymity of the corporate buyers or strategic investors throughout the due diligence and discovery stages of the acquisition process.

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