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Managing Mid-Market Sales and Mergers & Acquisition

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As a CBI Advisory Partner client, business sellers will be guided through the process to realize a return on their life’s work, retire with ample capital reserves, and pursue the “Golden Years” of retirement without the demands of operating a robust business in today’s competitive marketplace. A CBI Advisory Partner will be with you every step of the way to walk you through the process to satisfy the acquisition requirements of a sophisticated corporate or strategic buyer in the shortest time frame possible.

The most important starting point of a mid-market transaction is to establish a fair market assessment of the value of the business, and packaging the business (or line of business) for sale to a highly-screened and vetted list of potential corporate or strategic buyers. A CBI Advisory Partners Account Manager will oversee every detail of producing a professional marketing package for these buyers including:

  • Detailed Financial Disclosures For Valuation Purposes
  • Overview Of Existing Management Team And Key Employees Required By The Business
  • A Summary Of The Company’s Strategic Competitors And Their Capabilities
  • A SWOT Analysis Of The Company’s Strategic Strengths And Opportunities For Continued Growth
  • An Assessment Of The Company’s Weaknesses And Activities To Mitigate Competitive Pressures
  • A Comprehensive Description Of Enabling And Proprietary Technologies And Methods
  • A Thorough Profile Of Industry Certifications, Patent/Trademark Awards, And Trade Secret Protections
  • A Summary Of Key Customer And Supplier Relationships
  • Expectations For Continued Good Will Creation From Continuous Business Operations (Post-Transition)