For How Much Can I Sell My Business?
For how much can I sell my business?

Considering the sale of a business the first question most business owners want answered is, “What is the value of my business? How much can I sell it for?” Although that is an important question, it’s not THE most important question. The MOST important question is, “If I sell my business, how much will I get to keep for me and my family?”

Sales price and deal structure have a huge impact on every business sale. The CBI+Team believes that no business will sell if the reasonable expectations of the Business Owner aren’t met. The CBI+Team has a track record of success in helping business owners choose the right time and right deal structure for the sale of a business.

Because CBI+Team is focused on helping the business owner make the right decision at the right time, not just collecting a commission for the brokers from the sale of the business.
CBI+Team steps for planning the successful sale of any business are:

Gather the appropriate information needed to help establish the value of a business. Your CBI+Team Intermediary will provide the business owner with a list of the information required.
Interview with a CBI+Team member-once the information about the business is gathered, an interview is conducted with the business owner to determine the trends and health of the business.
If appropriate, The CBI Intermediary may recommend that an independent, third-party business appraisal be obtained from a certified business appraisal firm.
The CBI+Team will help the business owner prepare the packet for submission to the appraisal firm.
Once the appraisal comes back (usually about two-three weeks after submission of the package) the CBI Intermediary will meet with the business owner and the business owner’s CPA and Attorney to discuss the value of the business and a proposed deal structure to maximize the Business Owner’s net from the sale of the business.
Once the Business Owner has determined that the sales price and deal structure meet expectations and requirements, the CBI Intermediary will prepare a listing agreement for the sale of the business.
The business is confidentially marketed to local, regional, national and international buyers through the exclusive CBI+Team confidential marketing plan which is reviewed with the Business Owner.
The CBI+Team’s track record of sales for Business Owner’s following this system is over 80%, far exceeding the industry average.

Is Your Business Under-Performing and You Need to Get Out?
Do you own a company that’s a real fixer upper? One with an upside down balance sheet? We know of a buyout firm seeking to acquire under-performing companies in the lower middle market. From simply “could do better” to deep distress (i.e., in bankruptcy or ABC), they target the entire spectrum of ne’er-do-wells. They look for under-performers with up to $150 million in sales but the real “sweet spot” is companies with sales in the range of $5 to $50 million.

Areas of Interest
Working with the fixer-uppers and upside-downers requires an open mind and a creative approach. The firm is opportunistic and work diligently at finding the treasures that others may have overlooked. The general targets are companies in the following industries:
• Manufacturing
• Distribution
• Logistics
• Business Services
The firm will also consider compelling storied deals in retail and franchise operations. In addition to general areas of interest, the special focuses include:
branded food products
food processing

A challenged company presents opportunity. We ask, “How could this work? Is there a way to unlock real value?” Our team is comfortable in situations that drive others away. Such situations include family succession issues, partnership fights, and investor disputes. They also seek to invest in recapitalizations, restructurings, corporate orphan entities, divestitures, consolidation plays, and time-sensitive opportunities.


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